Cake Truffles


1 Dozen cake truffles! Our from-scratch cake mixed with frosting & dipped in chocolate!
Decorations vary.



We no longer offer custom items.

Although we sanitize thoroughly, we cannot guarantee nut-free, dairy-free, & gluten-free.


ALL orders are pick-up & by appointment only. Please come as close to your appointment time as possible.
ALL orders will be porch pick-up & labeled with name in which it was ordered under.
ALL available options are here on the website. We no longer are able to offer custom cakes or orders.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for weather related dessert issues due to late pick up. No refunds will be given for failure to pick up on time or not at all. All sales are final.

STORAGE: Cake truffles can be refrigerated & will last for up to 2 weeks! You may also store at room temperature (unless hot!) for up to 2 days. Keep in an airtight container always.

To freeze leftovers, place in airtight container & freeze for up to 3 months.